The Dating Seminar


Giving you the clarity you need in shidduchim

  • 4 Long Shiurim explaining Hashem's perfectly designed system for finding your bashert
  • 12 Short Shiurim give you clear, appropriate guidance taken straight from Torah sources
  • 1 Book – Finding and Keeping Your Soul Mate

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The shadchan says in that singsong voice, “So, tell me, what are you looking for?”

And, out comes the laundry list.

  • “I need someone who is extroverted, funny, and outgoing.”
  • “I need a woman who is very frum, tolerant and kind.”
  • “I need a guy who is a take-charge type, strong but not headstrong.”

The lists are long, and the benchmarks are detailed, specific and exact. This is what I need. This is what I would like. This is what I have to have.

Yet, for some strange reason it doesn’t work. They come back empty handed, uttering the words, “I just can’t find the ‘right one.'”

They can’t find the right one, because they aren’t looking for their bashert. They are too buys looking for the “Perfect One,” the one they created, and who only exists in their imagination.

4 Long Shiurim

  1. 10 Really Dumb Mistakes that Very Smart People Make When Dating (42 min)
  2. The System – The Correct Hishtadlus (53 min)
  3. What’s Wrong With My List? (58 min)
  4. 1 Hour to Bitachon (41 min)

12 Short Shiurim

  1. What Are You Looking For? (4 min)
  2. Making Life Decisions (4 min)
  3. The Paper Test (15 min)
  4. The Bashert Test (12 min)
  5. I’m Not Attracted (7 min)
  6. When to Say No (7 min)
  7. I Could Do Better (4 min)
  8. I Just Can’t Decide (7 min)
  9. I Know What I Need (12 min)
  10. He Has A Flaw (7 min)
  11. We Are So Different (4 min)
  12. Don’t Go Blaming Hashem for Your Mistakes (6 min)

Total Listening Time for Seminar: 9.5 Hours

+ 1 Book – Finding and Keeping Your Soul Mate

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