The Shmuz Tile Key Finder

A simple little device that helps you find anything

Attach the Shmuz Tile to your keys and then finding them is easy. Ring your keys to find them wherever they’re hiding or use the tile app to see on a map exactly where you left them!

If it’s your phone that you’re looking for, press the button on your Shmuz Tile and your phone will ring (even when it is on silent).

A simple, easy way to find the things that matter.

Ring Your Things

Ring lost items from your phone. If your Shmuz Tile is within the 100-foot Bluetooth range, it will play a loud tune until you find it.

Find Your Phone

Can’t find your phone? Double press any one of your Shmuz Tiles to make your lost phone ring – even on silent.

Remember Where You Last Had It

Always keep the app running in the background, and Shmuz Tile will automatically remember the last time and place you last had your item so you know where to start looking.

Shmuz Tile Key Finder with KeysShmuz Tile Key Finder with Keys
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