January 14, 2021

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The Shmuz Mug

Finding a decent coffee mug is a serious business. From down time to deadline-focus, your hot drinks can now be enjoyed in a satisfying Shmuz mug .

Simply donate towards The Shmuz Raffle, and we’ll send you one as a thank you.

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A prepublication copy of the new Shmuz book 10 Really Dumb Mistakes that Very Smart Couples Make

The straight-talking marriage book that Klal Yisroel has been waiting for is almost here! You can get your hands on your very own, prepublication copy by donating.

If you have a young couple in your life, this gift is worth its weight in gold. Packed full of common sense advice, it’s a fun, easy read that is essential to every marriage.

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USB with Marriage Transformation BootCamp

The Marriage Transformation Bootcamp has revolutionized frum marriages throughout the world, and now you have the chance to access it without the $597 price tag.

Simply donate from your hard earned maaser money, and not only will you get four chances to win $100k, you will also get a more satisfying, loving marriage as well.

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USB with The Mussar Vaad

Do you know how to rest smart? Relaxation doesn’t have to mean time wasting. With The Shmuz Mussar Vaad you can unwind and achieve at the same time. With thirty shiurim that will take you through the first four perakim of The Mesillas Yesharim, this life-changing sefer can now be yours to master.

A donation will set you up with the foundations for spiritual success so that no amount of daily monotony will be able to hold you back from reaching new heights in your avodas Hashem.

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Shmuz Tile Key Finder

If you lose your keys, simply open the app on your phone and instantly get your life back.

This nifty gadget can be yours with a donation, and will get you six shots at winning the $100k raffle.

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An Apple Watch or Apple Air Pod Pros

A generous donation of deserves a generous gift as a thank you. If you’ve had your eye on an Apple Watch or Apple Air Pod Pros, now you can indulge whilst supporting an incredible cause.

With fifteen tickets into the $100,000 raffle, not only is it a smart way to spend your maaser money, it’s a fun one too.


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